If you're planning a big move that takes you to another state thousands of miles away, you might want to consider using a car transporting service. Driving is a hassle, and it puts wear and tear and extra mileage on your car. Fortunately, there are other ways to get your car to its final location -- such as by using our car shipping services!

With car shipping, you have a choice between using an open or closed carrier. Consider the information below to make the choice that works best for you and your family.

Open Car Transport

One mode of open auto transport involves a semi-truck bed that is configured so that many cars can be stacked on it. You will often see them on highways taking new cars to auto dealerships. When it is time for you to move, an open carrier may be just the thing you need to get your vehicle to your new location.

There are several options available to you if you decide to ship your car. Auto transport companies often offer both open and closed car carriers. However, many people do not realize the benefits of opting for open auto shipping.


When pricing out moving a vehicle, you will find that open transport is less expensive than closed. That is because the bed itself is less costly to create, and it is lighter than the sealed containers. Because they weigh less, the engine does not have to work as hard to move the load. Less motor work translates into less fuel expense.

Another reason open carriers are cheaper is that the driver can haul more vehicles— sometimes quite a few more. It all depends on the closed carriers’ configuration, but open carriers tend to be able to transport more.

Save Your Car’s Wear and Tear

Driving your car or truck across the country is going to put some wear and tear on the tires. Not only will your tires be worn, but the motor and other mechanical parts will also get plenty of use and mileage. Automobile parts can only last so long, and putting many miles on them wears them out.

It might be a better option to save your miles and wear for times when you are actually using your vehicle versus when you are just transporting it. Shipping autos can save money in the end.

Your Time

If you ship your auto, it can free your schedule up. Moving takes time— delegating some of the tasks, such as moving the vehicle, can give you time to pack up your house and move into your new one.

If the transport is going to take a few days, it might give you the chance to take a mini-break and meet up with the carrier later. Take the time to stop on your way to sightsee and relax, or plan a more eventful trip. If you choose to fly somewhere, have the return flight land at your new destination. Your vehicle will be there, and you got to use your time for something other than sitting behind the wheel.

Multi-Car Family

Today, most families have at least two cars. If your family wants to drive together, have your other vehicles shipped. This will take the hassle out of trying to stay together on the road and keeping track of one another. If you are traveling with babies or young children, having an extra helper will come in handy, especially during long drives.


Often, open car transports deliver quicker than closed carriers. There are not as many of the closed trucks on the road, so you may have to wait for one to get an open position. During that time, you will have to store your vehicle somewhere if you have to leave.

Most of the time, our open transports can be booked at your convenience, and you may not have to wait at all.


Our company is insured to move vehicles. Open transporting is a safe, fast, and cost-effective way to move one car, or many. We are insured against damages that might happen to your vehicle while loaded on the truck and have the infrastructure to handle the unique challenges that come with long distance transport.

Pros and Cons of Open Car Transport Services

We touched on some of these pros and cons above, but it’s worth taking another look as you weigh your options:

Pros: You’ll save money, and it is faster to use an open transport carrier. With so many open carriers driving down the highway throughout the United States, booking isn’t hard to lock in place. This gives you the opportunity to give an exact shipping and arrival time. The carrier can often load seven or more vehicles on two separate tiers, meaning that more cars can be shipped at a lower price per car. That makes open car transport easier on your wallet.

Because it’s more lightweight than an enclosed carrier, an open car carrier also won’t burn through fuel during an open car transport, which is another way that this form of car shipping is cheaper for you.

Cons: The most obvious drawback of open carriers is the car’s exposure to all weather conditions on the highway. This means no matter if it’s snowing or pouring rain from the sky, your car will feel it. Be ready to wash your car as it might arrive filthy from the long ride in these conditions. Tip: Consider requesting your car to be on the top level of a two-tier truck.

What are the different types of open car carriers?

The three main types of open car carriers include the following:

  • Single level with multi cars - These companies transport high-end vehicles and the typical sports car.
  • Two level with multi cars - Most people choose this type of car transport, which is ideal for the kind of cars you drive every day.
  • Single tow trailer with one level on dually truck - This carrier is great when your car only needs transporting to the next town or nearby city.

Is an Open car carrier right for me?

You must weigh the benefits of what you get from using an open car transport. Many people or families have different needs and wants. Consider these few to help you make a sound decision.

Distance: If you need your car to travel to an entirely different state, then open carriers are suitable for this. More carriers like these are on the road, and therefore gives you the chance to have a variety to choose from. With more carriers on the highway, and more cars per carrier, the less you pay. The trailer will hold at least seven or more cars, which helps if you have more than one car that need transporting long-distance.

Start and Arrival times: Open carriers are easier when you have a need for a more specific car pick up and arrival time. These carriers often dominate the amount of car transportation services roaming the highway, which allows you to give the driver precise pick up and drop times.

Costs: Most families try to stick to a budget when spending their hard earned money, and that’s even more true during a cross-country move. An open carrier is affordable and makes sense when you are worried about overspending for car transport. With the carrier needing less fuel, you won’t feel the pinch in your wallet as much.

Car Size: The size of your car is also a factor in whether open carriers are suitable. The smaller you car, the more likely a carrier will make room for it. That’s because small cars are easier on shipping and won’t weigh down the trailer, meaning they are easier on gas.

Type: Most customers prefer the two-tier level transport. When going with this type, request that your car is on the top. Expensive cars often go on a single level trailer for an open carrier.

Speed: Open car carriers are also best for speed: Most of us don’t want to wait weeks to receive a car at the final destination. Take advantage of the auto carrier that’s most often on the road. Talk with our customer service staff about particular schedule times you have in mind, so you have some idea when to expect your car.

There might be other reasons you want to use an open carrier. Whatever you choose, it's about getting your car safely to the next location. As long as you are willing to take a chance with the weather or debris that might trickle up on your car’s interior, then an open carrier is for you.

The bottom line: Open car carriers move cars fast and more quickly, which is important when you’re up against a deadline or on a tighter budget. Call us today to inquire about any other concerns you might have or to get a quote on open car transport services!

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