Many people have never shipped a car across the country, and don't know the first thing about who to call and what it will cost. Fortunately, that’s what we at Ship a Car Direct do all the time! We can help you through the process of preparing your car to ship, choosing the right type of car carrier for your needs, and getting a quote.

Most of the time, the need to ship your car to another state or across the country is the farthest thing from your mind. Yet, when this time comes, research is the best thing you can do when finding the right transportation service for the job. Here are some of the main things to consider when you need to ship a car out of your hometown.

Weighing your options: Should I just drive my car?

Not everyone wants to drive hours down a long road and stare at the scenery go by.  Others live for this experience and they take constant road trips. When deciding whether to drive your car or have it shipped, write a list of reasons why driving is better. However, car shipping is the better (and sometimes the only) choice when driving was never a consideration.

Many people look at driving as a chance to get away.  For some, it’s a great unplanned vacation to be alone with their thoughts, or to spend time with a loved one who comes along for the ride. However, that requires both of you to be off from work or school!

Driving your car to its new destination can also rack up costs. Driving through a number of states to a destination across the country generally isn’t done in one day. You’ll stop off at hotels, eat in restaurants, and fill up the car again and again. The entire drive might take you in another direction you hadn't planned on. 

These expenses add up and you might end up paying more than if you’d shipped the car. Take the time to look at both sides and do what feels right for you. Understand the probability of getting into a wreck, which is something we all don’t want to imagine. If you drive, be prepared with supplies and emergency road supplies.

The bottom line is, you can’t just hop in the car and leave for a cross-country road trip. That’s a lot of planning and packing that you don’t have to do when you ship your car with Ship a Car Direct!

What are the benefits of cross country car shipping?

There are a lot of benefits when you ship a car to the next state. Most prefer using a transportation company over having to drive their car. It’s more convenient and you don’t have to worry about getting in an accident or running out of gas. Also, it saves a lot of mileage, wear and tear on your car when you compare cross-country car shipping to taking a long road trip! 

Choosing a reliable car transport service means that you have peace of mind, knowing your car is in good hands. Also, different people may have very different reasons for deciding to use a car transport service. Medical issues might prevent you from taking long drives for several hours. You might not be able to get off of work for a week to drive the car where it needs to go.

And while running into bad weather is always a concern when you’re driving the highways and byways of the US, it won’t be a problem for you since you’ll be safe at home letting the long distance vehicle shipping company do the driving for you.

The Bottom Line: Shipping a car will make your life easier.

Once you’ve decided to use professional auto shipping to get your vehicle where it needs to go, you need to get a quote. Feel free to call us and talk to our customer service staff with any concerns you have, asking them detailed questions about costs. They will need to know the type and size of car you have, where it needs to go, when it needs to be picked up, whether it is in running condition or not, and what kind of car carrier you prefer (open or enclosed).

Doing a little research, such as reading through different parts of our website, can give you more understanding about the car transport business and what your options are.

How do I prep my car before transportation?

There are a list of things you can do when preparing your car for transport. Take it to the nearest mechanic and have them look it over. This way you know the condition the car was in before it was loaded onto the car carrier.


Though it’s not likely anything will occur, it’s just a good idea in general to be aware of your car’s condition before it leaves the driveway. Inform the car transport service about any issues your car is experiencing. If you can, it doesn’t hurt to clean your car inside and out. 

Never fill the car with gas prior to shipping. It adds a lot of unnecessary weight to the car carrier, and don’t all of us sharing the road with those beasts want to keep them within their weight limit? Besides, gas may be cheaper at your destination too! If you’re not sure what to do, just ask! Or check out our Videos page, where we have a video called “How Do I Prepare My Car?”

These are some things to know about transporting a car across the country. Though it may seem pricey, when you think about the time, gas, food and hotel stays, you'll have to pay for if you drive the car cross-country yourself, it’s often cheaper to use a transportation service. Contact us today for a quote on cross country car shipping!

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