Should you ship a car overseas? If you’re going to go that route, the key is preparation and education. Here, we examine the pros and cons to investing in a transportation company, and one simple way you can streamline the process with ease. 

Need your car to go to Italy? Australia? England? If you’re unprepared, it can be complicated. If you’re prepared., it can be straightforward. Here are the pros: 

  • Shipping your vehicle in a shared container can save you on costs, as opposed to shipping your vehicle in a sole container. As a customer who needs to send your vehicle from the U.S. to Australia, you can actually save even more money by using a roll-on/roll-off (RORO) vessel, where vehicles are rolled onto the boat and then secured.  
  • There’s less risk of damage in some ways shipping on a vessel than transporting domestically. When you ship domestically, the driver may subject your vehicle to weather damage and roadside damage. Changing road conditions can damage your vehicle with added risk – unlike being shipped on an international vessel. 

Let’s examine the cons:

  • Additional costs can add up. While you may be able to save money on shared container costs (as mentioned above), you may have to deal with other costs such as import tax. If you don’t pay customs at the border patrol, your car may be impounded. 
  • Unexpected fees. In addition to international costs, you may also experience the complication of moving it from point A to point B. For example, your vehicle may have to go through the country’s inspections and repairs before it goes into the hands of its owner. In addition, you may have to pay the transportation company upfront – which could amount to a hefty cost you were expecting. 

No matter what you choose, Ship A Car Direct are the pros. They will guide you through the process with direct information to make you as informed as possible. Our 5-star reviews say it all! Learn more about us here, and receive a free quote! 

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