Auto Shipping QuotesIf you have a large move coming up, and you’ve decided that shipping your car instead of driving it will make your move easier to manager, you will need to collect a number of auto shipping quotes. There are many companies that transport cars from one state to another or completely across the country. Whatever your budget might be, understanding the shipping quotes might be difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking at.

Give Safe-Direct Car Shipping a call, or chat with us online and we’ll answer all your questions about your getting a quote, and how the entire process works.  If you have any questions about your quote, don’t hesitate to ask.

Here are some factors that will affect your auto shipping quote.

1. Size and weight of your car.
This could impact the cost of shipping it from one place to another. Some companies may have a flat rate for all sedans and a higher rate for an SUV, for example.

2.  Destination.

In addition to the make and model of your car, the destination will have the largest impact on the cost of shipping. Whether you are moving completely across the country or to a neighboring state will determine how long and how much it costs to get your car shipped.  Currently we DO offer shipping to Hawaii, but not to Alaska.

3.  Type of car carrier.
Many auto transport companies offer different methods of shipping. You can choose an open carrier, where the car is securely fastened to a truck or flatbed, but in the open air, where it is subject to weather, dust and other elements, or a closed carrier, where your car is protected inside a carrier container. There are pros and cons to both shipping methods, and you should always expect to pay more if you are using a closed carrier.

4.  Advanced notice or scheduling doesn’t equal lower prices.It would seem to make sense that scheduling your car shipping date months in advance might save you money, but it doesn’t.  A few days notice is all that is required.  We have so many carriers in our network that whenever you have your car ready, we can have someone there to pick it up and have it on its way to your desired location.

Review all of the auto shipping quotes you receive before you make a decision.  If you have any questions about your quote, ask for an explanation before you sign any paperwork.

Finally, do NOT pay an upfront deposit!  You should never have to pay a dime until you’re given your car carriers info and have the opportunity to review your options.

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Michael began working in the Car Shipping Industry back in 2002, starting as a Salesperson for AAA Discount Auto & Truck Transporters in Los Angeles, CA. In 2008, he opened his own office under the name "Honesty First Auto Transport" where he pioneered the movement within the Auto Transport industry of not charging the customer a deposit up front. Many car shipping companies followed his lead and no longer require a deposit up front. In 2011, in an effort to further improve the customer experience for anyone shipping a car to another state, he changed the name of his company to Safe-Direct Car Shipping and created the auto shipping industry's ONLY Damage Free Guarantee. His hope is that other Auto Transporters will, once again, follow his lead and create similar safeguards for their customers (and he'll be happy to re-emerge once again in a few years with the next great improvement). Simplify things even further, Safe-Direct Car Shipping now operates under the name Ship a Car Direct. He is also proud to announce that Ship a Car Direct has become the #1 company on Consumer Affairs, Transport Reviews and many other review sites. Ship a Car Direct has also been accredited by the BBB since 2008.