Perhaps you are relocating for work, going back to college, moving overseas, or you found a great deal on a vehicle across the country. There are countless reasons why people look to auto transport companies to ship their cars quickly and safely. For many first-time users of auto transport, the process can seem complex. However, the process isn’t as complicated as you might think. When you work with a reputable auto transport company, you can rest assured that your vehicle will arrive safely to its destination with little hassle for the owner. Here is a little more information about how the shipping process works. 

Schedule Your Auto Transport

Once you have selected an auto transport company, it’s time to book your transport. You will select a date and a location for your vehicle to be transported and you will work with the company to book this date. They will arrange for a driver to schedule a pick-up and delivery date for your vehicle You can work with your transporter to either bring your vehicle to a car terminal or have the transporter pick up the vehicle from your home or business. 

Transporting the Vehicle

There are various methods for transporting a vehicle depending on the distance and location of the transport. Vehicles can be shipped by truck, boat, or plane. The most common way to move the vehicle is on a double-decker auto carrier. These trucks are specifically designed to transport multiple vehicles safely at the same time. Your vehicle will be loaded onto one of these carriers and driven to the new location. In the case of international or overseas shipping, your vehicle would be loaded onto a cargo ship and delivered to your new location. Ocean freight transport will be loaded into a container and shipped so that it is less exposed to the outdoor elements. 

 Delivery Options

You can work with your transport company to decide on a delivery option. Some companies provide door-to-door delivery while others have a terminal-to-terminal delivery. The location of your vehicle’s delivery will depend on your specific situation. You can speak to the transport company to find a way to accommodate your specific requirements. 

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