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Door to Door Auto Transport

auto transportIf you were stuck with the duty of getting your car from one side of the country to the other, wouldn’t it be nice if a truck would come right to your home to pick-up your vehicle?

And after transport, wouldn’t it be great if they would drop it off right in front of the delivery address?

That almost sounds to convenient to be true, doesn’t it? In fact, the most common method of transporting your vehicle is door to door transit on a multi-vehicle carrier.

Yes, a truck will come right down your street. As long as it fits, of course. Many neighborhoods can easily accommodate a multi-vehicle hauler, but not all areas suited for big trucks.

While most auto transports can be scheduled for door-to-door, there are some legitimate issues that might affect a driver’s ability to meet you in your neighborhood.

Low hanging trees can damage cars on the top of the truck, so drivers have to avoid that. Steep hills don’t allow for safe loading/unloading, and some mountainous areas are too dangerous to pass. Very busy or narrow or one-way streets in larger cities can be impossible to serve directly.

Military bases can require security checks so demanding that it takes all day for the truck to clear inspection, so drivers usually deliver off base. Low bridges may not provide enough clearance for auto transport trucks or may not be able to bear the weight of trucks, causing detours and delays.

These are just a few issues we experience from time to time, there may be another legitimate reason unique to your hometown that affects your door to door transport.

All drivers would prefer that your auto transport be as convenient as possible, but sometimes there are issues out of their control. Oftentimes, it’s something that you may not notice or be aware of as you go about your town but it could seriously affect a drivers ability to deliver to you at your front door.

In fact we call it “person to person” service, rather than “door to door auto transport”, just in case your driver has to ask you to meet at a nearby shopping mall parking lot rather than at your front door.

If you have any questions about this service, please give us a call at 866-221-1664! We are always happy to explain the process!

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