5 Tips to Get Your Car Ready for Shipping

When you are moving across state lines, it’s often easier to ship your vehicle instead of driving it across the country yourself.  Once you’ve found the right car shipping company, you’ll need to prepare your car ready for transportation. Follow these five steps to make sure your vehicle reaches its intended destination without any hiccups along the way! (more…)

Luxury Cars: Why You Should Use a Reputable Car Shipping Company to Transport Your Baby

We get it: your luxury car is your baby. You treat it with the utmost care and attention on a daily basis, so why wouldn’t you expect the same from a car shipping company? Whether you’re moving your luxury car to show off at a car show or moving to the other side of the country, here are several key reasons why you should use a reputable car shipping company to transport your most prized possession.   (more…)

Car Shipping Checklist

There are many reasons to ship a car from one location to another. A move across the country (or across the globe), or just selling a car to a new owner are all reasons to ship a car from one place to another. While the process can seem intimidating, it doesn’t have to be. The following checklist will help you prepare your car for shipping and get it to where it needs to go, simply, easily and affordably! (more…)

Shipping Your Car 101

When moving, relocating for work, or possibly attending college on the other side of the country, you may need to ship your car or multiple vehicles. If you don’t have the time, you don’t want to make the long drive, or simply don’t want all those miles and wear and tear on your car, shipping it may be the best option. (more…)