If there’s one thing most people can agree on, it’s the fact that no one really enjoys walking onto a car lot. You are immediately swarmed by salespeople trying their best to get you to test drive one of their vehicles. Then you have the haggling, the dealership’s sales tricks, the “hands are tied” sales associate, and the list goes on. The traditional car-buying experience is a dreaded task for many but the recent trend in online car buying has given hope to those who prefer to steer clear of car dealerships. Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly common for people to purchase and ship cars online and this method has proved to be a fantastic alternative. Not only is buying a car online more convenient than going to an actual dealership, but it can also save you money! Here is a basic overview of how online car buying and shipping works along with a few of the benefits. 

Decide What You Want

Much like you would if you wandered onto a car lot, you can easily become distracted and overwhelmed by the vast selection of cars online. Before searching for inventory, think about what kind of car will be most practical for your lifestyle. Consider important factors like how much you drive, how much seating and storage space you need, and how much you are looking to spend on a car. Narrowing down your choices will help to simplify your online search. 

Filter Your Search by Model and Price

Now that you have decided which type of car will best suit your needs, you can filter your search by model and price. When you are browsing online, type in the maximum price you are willing to spend so you are only shown cars within your budget. You can narrow your search even further by specifying a specific color and features. 

Increase Your Shopping Range

One of the advantages of buying a car online is that you have the opportunity to look at vehicles all over the country and you aren’t limited to the inventory in your radius. The online selection is much wider than if you stick to local options. Furthermore, certain vehicles might be cheaper in one part of the country as opposed to somewhere else so you increase your chances of getting a better deal. 

Do Your Research

Just because you are buying a car online doesn’t mean you should abandon all of the old school rules. For example, you still need to thoroughly research the vehicle to be sure you are getting a good vehicle. You can obtain a Vehicle History Report by entering the car’s VIN number. This report will tell you if the vehicle has ever been in an accident and in some cases, it will even provide you with a service history. While a vehicle report is a great start, that alone is not enough information. If the vehicle is too far away for you to see it in person, be sure to request plenty of detailed photos so you can see all areas of the vehicle. Since you are not able to do a test drive or peek under the hood, it is advisable to also request an independent inspection on the vehicle. This is easy to arrange, even if the vehicle is out of state. 

Make Shipping Arrangements If the car is too far away for you to pick up in person, you will need to make arrangements to have it delivered. You can have the vehicle shipped directly to your door using a reputable shipping company such as Ship a Car Direct. You can request a free shipping quote to be sure you are getting the best price. Shipping a vehicle is easy and convenient with a certified company like Ship a Car Direct.

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