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Let’s face it, we live in a world where you can ship a package around the globe over night and email the Magna Carta to everyone in your address book instantly, so the idea of loading your car onto an Auto transport only to have it take over a week to travel coast to coast just doesn’t compute.

But the fact is that shipping a vehicle happens in what you could only call the ‘old fashioned way’. The auto carrier that comes out to pick up and deliver your car is also going to 8 or 9 other new pickup and delivery locations to transport other vehicles just like yours. Add to that the fact that truck drivers are regulated in the number of hours that they can drive on any given day (thank heaven for that) and sometimes it can take a good long time to get your vehicle to it’s destination.

Mental preparation gives you the best chance of having a pleasant experience shipping vehicles. If you go into an auto transport with unrealistic expectations you are almost 100% guaranteed to have a negative experience. Conversely, if you get an honest outlook of what you can reasonably expect from your car moving company, you will save yourself many headaches and so much unnecessary frustration.

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