What Do Auto Shippers Do And Why Do You Need Them?

Auto ShippersTransporting a vehicle from one location to another requires care, experience and coordination, especially since some car transports require moving vehicles long distances. Auto shippers perform an important role not just for the automotive and sales industries but also for many other industries that require the use of vehicles for operations. Dealers, brokers, manufacturers and businesses may require the services of car shippers at some point, but what exactly do they do?

The Car Transport Process
The process of automobile shipping may seem complicated, but can be simple if you understand how the process works.

Auto shippers are in charge of coordinating the time, day and manner with which vehicles must be transported. Depending on the location, preferences of the buyer or client or special circumstances, auto shippers may choose to transport cars by open or closed trucks. These are known as car carriers.

Prior to transportation, however, each vehicle must be inspected and carefully documented. The inspection is done in order to assess the condition of the car and to take note of important information such as make, model, brand, special features, plate number (when available), etc. In case of secondhand or used cars, automobile shippers must also take careful note of markings and damages. Assessing and recording the observable condition of the cars are important to shippers since the records can prove that they are not liable for any damages that may be present. Records will also prove that the damage occurred prior to transport.

Once documents have been prepared and forwarded, the carrier then proceeds with the transport of the car. Vehicles are delivered or shipped to a central point and later transferred, usually by truck to their destination, such as a car dealership, a showroom or a specific address.

Auto shippers are responsible for preparing inspection reports during pick up and prior to actual delivery. They should also ensure proper and accurate coordination with other parties to ensure that the vehicles are picked up at the right schedule and location and delivered in a timely manner to the right recipient.

To say that auto shippers are critical to the economy and to the success of many businesses in a wide range of industries would be an understatement. Car transport is not only a major supporting player for businesses, they have become increasingly popular and necessary for individual car owners as well.

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