Open carrier versus enclosed car carrier

Car insurance policyOne big choice to make when choosing auto transport options is whether to go with an open car carrier or an enclosed car carrier. The most obvious difference is that the open carrier is open on all sides while the enclosed carrier is a walled container truck. There are benefits to each option.

If you choose the open carrier, your vehicle will be loaded onto and securely attached to an open trailer that can accommodate several vehicles per load. On standard open trailers there are typically two levels, so your vehicle may be top loaded or may be secured on the bottom level under other vehicles. The open car carrier does leave your car exposed to the weather. It does not leave your vehicle more exposed to damage by road debris, however. This is a common concern but the truth is that road debris flies into the cab in front of the trailer, not sideways into the side of your loaded vehicle. It’s also important to note that there is no safe way to secure a cover over your vehicle during transit.  If you choose this option, your vehicle will arrive dusty or rain-spotted.

If you choose the enclosed carrier option, your vehicle will be secured within the walls of the truck. Your vehicle is not exposed to the elements during transport, and is typically shipped with only one or two other vehicles, front to back. There is nothing above your vehicle in the enclosed trailer except for the truck ceiling. And since the enclosed option accommodates only two or three vehicles per load, there are fewer stops so the turnaround time is typically faster.

With Ship a Car Direct, both carrier options are fully insured.  The open carrier is the more common method of auto transport as it is the more affordable option. The benefit to choosing the enclosed carrier is that your vehicle is less exposed and the transit time can be faster.  Please give us a call for more information about carrier options, or if you have any auto transport questions: 866-221-1664.

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