Highlights From The Mid-America Trucking Show

MATSMid-America Trucking Show (MATS) in Louisville, Kentucky, concluded several weeks ago, with reports showing another impressive turnout.

The final numbers came in as follows:
1,077 Exhibitors
79,061 Visitors
245 Media Coorespondents
1.2 million square feet of showroom

Each year this popular trucking show highlights new technologies, unveils new products, offers seminars, and provides unlimited networking opportunities for transport industry professionals.

This year many new technologies related to efficiency were on display.  From fuel saving tires, cooling systems that function without running the engine, and natural gas / duel fuel solutions.

Natural gas has been gaining popularity in the U.S. with more and more consumers interested in the low cost and abundance.  Clean Air Power company showcased their new dual-fuel technology for heavy diesel engines.  These engines operate primarily on natural gas, but with 100% diesel power on backup.   The result is significant fuel cost savings, lower emissions, without sacrificing power, performance, or reliability.  Agility Fuel systems was another exhibitor focusing on natural gas as a solution for heavy duty transport vehicles.  Their natural gas solutions are providing as much as a 50% savings on fuel costs.  In addition, these natural gas engines cost less to maintain.  With huge global demand for oil, and instability from major producers, natural gas seems like a common sense alternative in the U.S.

Another major event at this show was the Fleet Forum Discussions, where heavy duty/commercial vehicle industry VIPs discuss the future of equipment and trucking.  This year Anne S. Ferro, the administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration spoke about recent trucking industry legislation, safety issues, and also spoke regarding potential new licensing requirements and exams.

See the full re-cap by visiting their website here:

Anyone interested in attending the show next year, mark your calendars for March 26-28 2015.

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