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vehicle transportVehicle transport services are the best way to get your vehicle to its final destination. When you need your vehicle shipped across the state or to another country, you need to rely on a company you can trust. If you are not familiar with vehicle transport services and how they work, you may have some questions or concerns. This is not unusual if you are seeking service for the first time.  You should always be cautious about hiring a company you are not familiar with. Your vehicle is your second biggest investment, or it might be your first. Even if it isn’t, you still want your vehicle protected at all times.

Experience means a lot in any industry. For instance, if you need your air conditioning repaired, you would call a HVAC provider, and if you need your engine tuned, you would take your car to a licensed mechanic. The same rule applies when you need your vehicle picked up and delivered to another location. Not every company has earned a 5 star rating for quality, service and satisfaction. The Better Business Bureau keeps an accurate record of all the companies that are registered in their system. Vehicle shipping companies earn their ratings from customer’s feedback.

Happy customers give great ratings, and Safe-Direct Car Shipping has ranked number one among customers, by receiving a high satisfaction ratings. Reviews tell the story of how well a service provider stands behind their service or product. The higher the rating the more highly recommended companies come. Shipping a vehicle across country requires organizational skills, industrial experience, and unprecedented knowledge of vehicle transporting laws. Each country is different in terms of how their import and export services work. It is not difficult for vehicles to get stuck in state technicalities and red tape bureaucracy, when inexperienced companies take on tasks they are not qualified to handle.

You can eliminate this type of worry, and enjoy a peace of mind. Hiring a referral service to direct you to the best vehicle transporters in your area saves you time and money.  Let professional vehicle transport referral services find the best fit, at the right prices. When customers speak, everyone listens. Past customer experience is the basis for building future customer relationships. Choosing a company that is dependable and reliable is not a decision to take lightly. Our vehicle transport services offer you the worry free service you need and deserve.

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Vehicle Shipping Tips – Good Advice Before You Ship

vehicle shippingThis is just to go over a few things about Vehicle Shipping for you before you make a decision.

Price and getting the car moved safely and on time are probably your biggest concerns.  Here are some things to consider.

First, never pay an upfront deposit.  This is very important.

If you are requesting quotes online, I can assure you that every company you’re speaking with is a broker (or a carrier with a brokerage division) and the people you are speaking with are salesmen who work on commission.

So what happens sometimes is that some salespeople will tell you whatever you want to hear just to get that deposit because they don’t get paid until you pay the company. Then if they can’t get you a car carrier because they bid it too low you could be the one left with no car moved.

Plus, now you’ve given out a deposit that you have to somehow get back. And if you do get the deposit back you’ll see a $75 cancellation fee in their terms and conditions.  (not in ours, of course)

So, whether you ship a car with us or someone else, do NOT give an upfront deposit.  There are to many ethical companies like us who don’t ask for a deposit until after we get you locked down with a carrier.

Secondly, make sure that the Vehicle Shipping company that you choose to move your car has a good rating with the BBB.  Again, this is very important. You want to make sure that they are going to set you up with a reputable carrier.

We only use car carriers that carry a minimum of $750,000 in insurance and have been PRE-SCREENED so that they are known to be very good. 

One problem with this industry is that most people only move a car once in their life and so it allows for people to be, how shall we say, “less than honest” since they don’t need to worry about repeat business.

We have an A rating with the Better Business Bureau and are Accredited by them.

It’s easy to see anyone’s rating.  Just go to  Once there, select the company’s location, (ours is Los Angeles).  Then just type in the name of the company (i.e. Safe-Direct Car Shipping).  From there you can read a 3 year history on what the BBB has to say about the company.  If they have a lot of complaints (especially unanswered complaints) you may want to consider a different company.

As far as quotes are concerned, all of the quotes you are getting are actually just estimates.  What really happens is that we all use the same website to post your move once you select a company.  It’s called Central Dispatch.  This way the carriers have one place to go and can see what moves are out there.  It makes it easy on them since they are driving all day and can only check when they stop at a truck stop and such.

Anyway, when you look at someone’s quote, usually the amount of the *deposit* goes to the broker and the rest is what they are going to offer the car carrier when they post it. (This is usually the amount you pay COD)

So if you get a quote that is much lower than everyone else, you need to realize that it may not pay the car carrier enough to get their interest.  So your move can just sit on that website with no one interested in it. And it’s usually those low quotes that want a deposit up front as well. Be careful.

With that being said, if you ever feel the quote you get from us is not *competitive* enough, we have no problem re-looking at your quote with you on the phone, and we’ll even go online while we’re talking and tell you what other cars are offering at the time. Making sure you are priced in line with the competition is your our top priority.

I hope this has helped you understand this industry a little bit better. If you have any questions, just call us at 866-221-1664 and we’ll take the mystery out for you.

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