Protecting your vehicle during car transport

car transportReleasing your prized vehicle to a complete stranger for car transport can be daunting, whether your car is a genuine luxury item or an old, reliable family heirloom.

Many folks are hesitant to ship a car across the country because they are afraid of damage. Luckily, damage is not standard when shipping a vehicle by door-to-door carrier. Here are a few things to ease your mind about damage during car transport.

One thing many potential customers worry about is road debris flying up and hitting their car. But road debris doesn’t fly around a truck or fly sideways. If a pebble gets kicked up from the traffic in front of the carrier truck, the debris flies into the front of the rig. It’s the front of the truck that faces road debris, not the vehicles on the carrier behind it.

Because of a fear of damage due to road debris, some customers ask for a car cover. But there is no reliable way to keep a cover on a vehicle while in transit. In fact, trying to strap some kind of cover to a vehicle is likely to cause the very damage a customer is trying to avoid. That’s because the force of the wind in transit will lift off some part or corner of the cover or a strap may get loose and flap against the vehicle.

During car transports, damage is not a by-product of being on the road. Think of it this way – nobody wants their vehicle damaged so if most cars were damaged during the process, this industry wouldn’t have evolved!

But accidents do happen from time to time. In the unlikely event your vehicle is damaged in transit, it is due to an accident in traffic or a mechanical issue or human error while loading/unloading.

That is why it is best to take time on pick-up and on delivery to examine the condition of the vehicle, and make good notes. Should you need to file a damage claim because of an accident, documentation is required for a successful claim. Pictures or videos taken on pick-up and delivery are a great way to protect yourself.

Through Ship a Car Direct, not only is your vehicle is fully insured but we also offer an insurance guarantee. Please give us a call if you have any questions about insurance for car transports: 866-221-1664.

Basics Of Auto Transport

Auto transport TipsShipping a car isn’t usually an common experience for most, so for those who are first time car shipper, here are some auto transport tips that might help.

Here are a few things to remember:

Clear Out Your Vehicle Before Shipping
Personal belongings, valuables, documents, electronic gear, are best removed from the vehicle. Don’t assume you can ship your vehicle if it is packed full of personal items.  Some carriers will work with you on this, however, vehicle weight is a serious concern, and most carriers prefer that your car is empty, and if possible, with only a few gallons of gas in the tank.  This certainly lightens the vehicle saves on the auto transport costs.

Have Comprehensive Auto Insurance
Damage to your vehicle during shipping is very rare, but it does and can happen.  You have several layers of protection depending on who your broker and carrier are, however, it is always recommended that you carry your own current auto insurance on any vehicle you are shipping.  Auto insurance claims depend heavily on proofs submitted to support the damage caused during shipment. Take note of the condition of the vehicle, or even a few snaps of the car before getting it moved.

Have An Extra Key Made
Its and easy things to overlook, but its always a good idea to have an extra key if needed.

Perform A Thorough Inspection
Needless to say that the vehicle should be thoroughly inspected before and after delivery.

Be Flexible
Auto transport costs are determined by the distance of shipping, the weight of the vehicle, the type of transport requested (closed or open transporters),  accessibility of the destination, fuel costs, and how full the schedule is for that particular carrier.  If you are flexible with the car shipping dates, sometimes you can get better rates.

Take Advantage
Remember that thousands of people use car shipping services every day, it is a convenient and affordable service that can save your time, money, and vehicle wear and tear.

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Quotes For Car Shippers

car shipping quotesPricing is a big factor in decision-making for most potential car shippers, but it’s arguably the most confusing part. There are lots of companies eager to offer quotes, but it can seem like prices are all over the map. How can first time car shippers compare estimates when nothing seems set in stone in advance?

The truth is that every company offering a quote for shipping a car is a broker, who will then use that price to confirm an independent carrier. Your final price is dependent on a small hauler contracting your job through the broker, there is no standardized fleet for shipping a car door-to-door. While it may seem more direct to just hire a trucker without a “middle-man”, the carrier companies don’t have the resources to handle the customer service part themselves. It is only cost-effective for them to focus on the driving and the truck maintenance, so they rely on broker listings to find the best jobs compatible with their service area.

Carriers set their routes based on the customers available in a given area, and select the best paying jobs that logistically match their run that week. Because the customers are unique, routes may vary from week to week and seasonally. Gas prices vary as well, which affects the offers that carriers can accept (or not). There are some areas that are more affected by seasonal moves, so different rates will apply whether you are shipping in the summer or in the winter.

Auto Shipping QuotesAnother factor that affects final price is vehicle size. Different types of SUVs, for example, take up more space on a carrier,  they require greater pay than a standard sedan. However, the final cost will vary depending on the other vehicles on the same load.

For all of these reasons, brokers provide potential car shippers with a quote to be confirmed when a trucking company accepts the job for the offered pay. Reputable brokers offer best estimates in good faith, but from time to time it can be necessary to increase the offer slightly to confirm a carrier for under-served areas, for vehicle size, or for seasonal changes affecting the market.

If you have any questions about your quote or factors that may affect your pricing, give us a call at 866-221-1664. We are always happy to explain the pricing process to first-time car shippers.