Factors to Consider When Analyzing Car Shipping Quotes

car shipping quotesIn the past, getting a car shipping quote may have been considered a difficult or painstaking task. Today, car shipping companies have proved to be invaluable, when it comes to transporting your car to a new destination. Having a professional perform this task for you takes away the stress, and makes moving a manageable task. When looking for a company to transport your car, or fleet of cars, you should get one that provides quality services at an affordable price. You need to do your due diligence and ask for car shipping quotes from several companies, and weight the prices against several factors before you make your final decision. Some of the factors are:

• Quality of service – This is the premier consideration when it comes to seeking transportation for your vehicle. You want a shipper who will deliver your car on time, in the same condition as it was, and at a good price. Many people opt for the cheapest service, and then regret later, when their cars are delivered late, and sometimes with damages that were not there before.

• Mode of transport – In most cases, the transporters will use carefully designed trailers for the transportation of the cars. In some cases, you might find that your car will be loaded onto a flat-bed truck. The kind of car shipping quotes you get from these different transporters will reflect on the type of vehicle that you car will be loaded onto.

Special offers or discounts? – Car shippers can sometimes offer certain discounts depending on the circumstances of your transport route. Be sure to ask your car carrier agent if there might be something you could take advantage of.  It could be shipping at a particular date, or route.

If you are buying a pre-owned vehicle, from another individual online, or from an online auction, you should get independent car shipping quotes to compare against those provided on the website. Some online auction, and retail sites, will offer to deliver the vehicle at a certain price, but if you can get a shipper who will give you a better quote, then you should consider the alternative.

Do your due diligence and ask for opinions from people who have used these services in the past. Agencies such as the Better Business Bureau have a lot of helpful information regarding the companies operating in this industry. Compare car shipping quotes against reviews, referrals, and testimonials, before you make your final decision on which company to choose. Remember that your car is a considerable asset, and you need to protect its value, by getting the best shipping service possible.

Using Car Shipping Companies

car shipping companiesCar shipping companies are providing invaluable services to motor vehicle owners all over the US. In the past, when relocating, homeowners would hire a mover to haul household items to the new residence, and then they would have to drive or tow their cars all the way. Today, you only need to hire a transporter, who will deliver your car to the front door of your new home.

In the past, the use of car shipping companies was considered to be a reserve of manufacturers, car dealers, and the wealthy. However, the popularity of the service has increased as more and more people have discovered that it’s a safe, affordable, and convenient alternative to driving hundreds, or thousands, of miles to the new destination.

When selecting a car shipping company for your vehicle, you should do some comparison shopping, and see which one is the best fit. You need to consider their experience in shipping cars. Looking for referrals, reviews, and information from vetting organizations, such as the Better Business Bureau, is a prudent idea. You can also get suggestions from companies that work with a large network of transporters. Using a network works well for people who have budgetary constraints, since these tend to match the prices of their competitors, pushing costs down for prospective clients.

Before you decide to take your vehicle out on the long drive to your new home, consider the effort, the cost of the fuel you will need for the long drive, hotel expenses, potential roadside break-downs, food, and you will see that using car shipping companies is both stress-free, and economical; not to mention that you will save your car from the wear and tear of such a long journey. With the large number of operators available, you will definitely get one who will fit within your projected budget.


Shipping a car to or from California

shipping a car to CaliforniaPricing is always the biggest question when customers start to research auto transport. Many customers may expect to find simple pricing based on the mileage of their transport. But the reality is that pricing for auto-transports can vary depending on a number of factors including route/region, season, and even the direction of travel. Sometimes the very same mileage to the very same cities can price differently depending on the direction of travel and time of year the vehicle is shipped. Let’s take a look at shipping a car to or from California to see how that works.

Currently, it is cheaper to ship a car out of California than it is to ship a car in to California. Even if you are shipping between two cities where the mileage is the exactly same, there can be a price difference of $50 or even more depending on if you are going east or west. And there is a perfectly logical reason for that difference: supply and demand. Your vehicle is going on a truck with other vehicles, and your carrier has to have a full load. Unlike buses or planes that run on a regular schedule no matter what the capacity, auto carriers do not. There are no “mass transit” options for shipping a car to or from California by truck. Each transport is contracted individually and each scheduled route is unique because there are different customer addresses each run. And there are times when there are many more potential customers going one direction than the other. If there are more potential customer jobs on one end than there are spots on trucks, carriers will always take the best paying contracts first. So if there happen to be a bunch of customers moving out of Dallas to Los  Angeles at a time when there really aren’t many customers going from Los Angeles to Dallas, the carrier will be able to book the highest offers from the pool of customers heading west, and will be desperate for any jobs out of Los Angeles.

It’s simple supply-and-demand economics. Whether you are shipping a car to or from California, pricing depends in part on the popularity of your route. Sometimes you are on the better deal side of the shipping direction and sometimes you are in competition for limited spots.  Either way, we’ll always suggest the best possible price for the season.

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