Factors To Consider When Looking For Car Transporters

car transportersWhen you want to ship a car from another state to your home state, it is important that hire only the best car transporter. This will ensure that your car is delivered without delay or damage, and at an affordable rate. There are thousands of auto shipping companies in the US. This makes finding the best service provider to work with somewhat difficult. The following are some important factors to consider when looking for car transporters.


The right auto transporter should have a track record or transporting vehicles to their destination within specified deadlines. The vehicles they deliver should also reach their destination while in good condition without any damage. The easiest way to check if a transporter is reliable is to visit the Better Business Bureau and online review sites to see how different companies are rated. Firms that have five star ratings especially with the BBB are normally more reliable.


One of the most important factors of consideration is pricing. While most transporters normally charge almost the same fees, some firms normally have additional charges that can significantly increase the cost of shipping. Reputable transporters have online calculators that can be used to estimate the cost of shipping. All a person needs to do is enter his or her personal details, shipping instructions, type of vehicle and mode of transport (whether open or enclosed). Open auto transportation is less expensive than enclosed auto transportation. The shipping cost should be lower or the same as what other reputable auto transporters are offering.

Down payments and guarantees

When shipping a vehicle over a long distance, there is a small chance the vehicle may incur damages while en route to the destination. Fortunately, there are transporters who provide their clients with damage free guarantees. This means that the cost of repairing a damage or replacing the vehicle, in case of irreparable damage, will be covered by the transporter.

The ideal transporter should be willing to accept payment upon delivery. There should not be any upfront deposits because the car itself acts as security. Most firms normally give their clients several shipping options. There is standard shipping that takes several days, and expedited shipping that takes the shortest time possible. Car transporters who operate throughout the United States should be given priority. Some car transporters from different states have formed an alliance or network of transporters. By doing this, most small firms are able to transport vehicles to far away states through their partners.

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Key Things To Look For In Car Shipping Companies

car shipping companyMoving from one state to another or even coast to coast is usually a challenge for most people especially when one has to pack and ship all his or her personal stuff. For most people, shipping a car is probably the most challenging task mainly because most people are clueless when it comes to the intricacies involved in shipping a car. A few of the factors that you must consider when choosing the best car-shipping companies include:


The cost of shipping a car typically varies depending on the distance involved and the number of cars. Therefore, you should start by getting quotes from several car-shipping companies. However, avoid the temptation of choosing a company just because they’ve quoted the lowest price.  One of the most important things to note when it comes to cost is that some companies only quote the terminal-to-terminal shipping cost while others quote the door-to-door shipping cost. As such, ask companies to provide you with a clear breakdown of the shipping cots. If your new destination is far from the delivery terminal, find out if you can pay an additional fee to have the car delivered.


Shipping a car does have its risks. Therefore, make sure your covered by insurance. If you are shipping an expensive antique or brand new sports car, find out from the company if you have to purchase a higher premium insurance package.  Ask to see a copy of the insurance coverage. Some companies work with insurance policies that have varied types of coverages.   At Safe-Direct Car Shipping, we offer the industries only damage free guarantee.  Our carriers cover your vehicle 100% or we pay.

It is advisable to choose a car shipping company with a good reputation. One way of finding information about the reputation of a particular company is by visiting the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website. If the company has a low rating, you need to look for another shipping company. In addition, find out how the company handles complaints posted by clients.

Shipping Report

The majority of car shipping companies that work under professional guidelines normally provide a car shipping report. The car owner receives the report before and after the car arrives at the final destination. This shows the condition of the car before and after shipping. You need this report to convince an insurer that damage happened while the car was in transit.

To ship your car safely, you need to choose a reliable car shipping company. Make your choice after evaluating factors such as cost, insurance coverage, reputation, as well as quality of service offered by car shipping companies.

Shipping A Car From Texas

shipping a car from texas Shipping A Car From Texas?

Online car shoppers have often commented about the large number of used cars for sale in Texas, especially SUV’s and Trucks.   I’ve heard the conspiracy theories about it being easy to wash titles in Texas, but it simply could be because there is a high inventory of used trucks and SUV’s and private sellers and dealerships have realized they can get more out of them by selling out of state. I am not sure why exactly, but its better to be safe that sorry.   Make sure you are buying for a reputable dealer and it doesn’t hurt to run a car history report from a 3rd party service like carfax.

If you have done your homework and have found a vehicle that you need shipped, then the good news is that we have nationwide network of qualified shippers that get the job done professionally and at a reasonable price.

What Your Need to Know about Shipping a Car

There are several basics that are good to know when you start the process of shipping a car from Texas, California or any other location. These include:

1.  Check your quotes and contracts very carefully before signing.
Make sure there are no mistakes made over terms and addresses. Double-check the zip codes for the pick-up and delivery addresses. Trust absolutely nothing to verbal agreements, and never pay up front. You will likely never see or talk to the shipper again, your problems will be at the delivery end. Make sure you avoid surprises with firm written quotes and no surcharges.

2. Consider the weather conditions, and plan accordingly.
Even though car damage during transport is rare, extreme weather conditions do add some risk.  Nothing would ruin the excitement of receiving your new car, only to find that it has somehow been damages.  Choose a closed carrier if you are concerned about weather conditions, it costs more, but sometimes is worth the extra cost.

3.  Your final price is not based solely on the shipping distance.
Your flexibility on dates can save money. Also, the accessibility of the location of shipping and delivery can affect price. If a driver has to navigate a winding and narrow country road, expect the delivery to cost more.

If you are shipping a car from Texas or any other area in the US, and have questions, please give us a call or request a free quote online.

Car Shipping to Another State

shipping a car to another stateIt’s not very often you have to consider car shipping to another state. But every now and again, a great new opportunity or a change of life presents an unexpected moving challenge.

Whether it’s because you are offered a job transfer or have a kid going off to college or if you happen to find your dream car for a great price at a dealership seven hundred miles away, car shipping to another state becomes a necessity.

While it’s not something every family experiences regularly, car shipping across long distances is a thriving industry unlike any other transport service.

As you begin your research into shipping a car to another state, you may be surprised to learn that there is no major transport provider like Greyhound, Amtrak or United Airlines.

There aren’t obvious hubs or a grand centralized schedule of trucks going set routes. Shipping a car to another state is not like booking a seat on a regularly scheduled train out of an established station.

Instead, there are independent car haulers who set their own routes and schedules based on the best paying jobs available in the regions they serve. Their schedules vary from week to week based on the customer transports available, traffic, weather and truck maintenance.

Long-distance car haulers book their customers through transport brokers and must fill their truck with 6-8 customer vehicles going the same direction at the same time.

Transport brokers are a little like travel agents without access to a grand centralized schedule. Since brokers can’t anticipate independent haulers schedules, brokers offer jobs to a pool of licensed haulers and are dependent on carrier availability and response for each customer.

For most routes there are only a few trucks available each week, so successful brokers price transport jobs to appeal to the driver as well as to the customer.

The bottom line is, when considering car shipping to another state it’s best to find a reputable transport broker who knows the business. That broker will be able to explain the process to you and help you find the best options for your transport needs.

If you have any questions about the process and/or your specific transport needs, ask a Safe Direct Car Shipping representative: 866-221-1664.

How Weather Affects Shipping a Car

shipping a carThe recent blizzard in the Northeast brings up the question, once again, of how weather can affect shipping a car.

Obviously, if you are shipping a car to or from the Northeast this week, your shipment is going to be delayed while roads are plowed and vehicle are dug out.

But it’s not just the winter months that can affect shipping a car. There are plenty of weather events that can cause a disruption; from heavy rain or hail storms to wildfires to tornadoes and the like.

Most car carrier companies, especially the better ones (like those that we use), will always have one eye on the weather reports when they are planning their routes for their trucks. The last thing any company wants to do is send the truck (loaded with your and eight or nine other people’s personal asset) into the heart of a weather disaster.

So what does this mean for you?

Well, for most people, it means staying patient and understanding that car carriers will not only focus on safety first, but that they are also subject to the same delays as the rest of us.

Believe me, we have plenty of carriers that would love to be doing their pick ups and deliveries in the Northeast as scheduled this week, but they, like everybody else, are in a holding pattern.

The only way to avoid situations like this, I guess, would be to double down on the fight against global warming.

But, I’ll leave those blog posts to the environmentalists.

Me, I’m just your friendly neighborhood car shipper. 😉