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We believe the number one aspect is clear communication. If you read the Auto Transport Review websites you will find a recurring theme in most negative reviews that focuses on an inability to get a hold of an Auto Carrier for a status update. We have severed our relationship with a number of Auto Carriers over this very issue, because it is very important to us as well.

Clearly answering the many questions our customers have about shipping vehicles is just another important aspect of a Dependable Auto Shipper. It’s hard to find good honest companies out there that will tell you the truth about the process of car carrier services. If you understand some fundamental things, it will go a long way to making your experience easy and simple. The first thing is to understand better is your car protection. Protection comes in the name of auto transport insurance. When dealing with auto shippers have a clear understanding of their insurance policies. That way you know if something goes wrong, you can feel comfortable knowing your vehicle is covered.

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